Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers Troubleshooting

Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers

Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers Troubleshooting

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about our floor to ceiling room dividers. If you can not find what you are looking for, or would like to know more information, please contact us directly and we will reply as soon as possible.

There is abnormal noise when moving the ceiling to floor room dividers panel.
The rail joints may be misaligned or the trolley may be damaged.

What if the floor to ceiling room dividers panel is not aligned?
If a panel is hanging out of alignment, you may have a loose or broken trolley or a non-aligned trolley support beam.

Light leakage between room divider floor to ceiling panel and overhead tracks.
The mechanical seal may not work or the sweep strips may be damaged or missing.

The floor to ceiling dividers panel is difficult to move.
There may be dirt in the track, or the rail joints may be misaligned. The trolley may also be damaged. Try clean the track and re-align the rail joints.

The bottom seal of floor to ceiling room dividers will not run.
The seal unit or spring may be bent or damaged. The crank-type seal may have disengaged or cranking mechanism is damaged or there is a disconnection between the mechanism and the seal.

Leverage closure jamb does not extend.
The mechanism may be stripped or the internal cable or chain may be tangled.

The lights leak between the vertical edges of the panel.
The floor to ceiling room divider panel may not be vertically hanging or the acoustic seal may be damaged or missing.

The light leaks vertically when it is closed.
Closure does not extend tightly against pocket door or wall. The shutdown mechanism may need to be adjusted.

The bottom seal of room dividers floor to ceiling will not work.
The automatic seal may be bent or springs are broken. The crank seal may be disconnected between the mechanism and the seal.

Floor to ceiling room dividers are not so complicated. You are not likely to encounter these problems if it’s well installed. However, if you do encounter any of the above, you can easily found the reason and talk to your installer for help.