Sound Proof Room Dividers Type 100

Sound Proof Room Dividers

Sound Proof Room Dividers Sliding Soundproof Room Dividers Partitions

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Sound Proof Room Dividers Type 100

Sound proof room dividers are a series of sliding folding room divider systems, including a series of flat panels (each up to 1220mm), hinged together to form a flush appearance when closed. The sliding sound proof room dividers are manipulated on a ceiling-mounted track system.

Pattern 100 sound proof room dividers can be operated quickly and are available in the 40dB – 50dB acoustic ratings. Sound attenuation is achieved through modern manufacturing methods and unique panel structure consisting of aluminum frames, MDF board cladding and sound absorption infill.

Room Dividers 100 Specification

Thickness: 100mm
Width: 680-1230mm
Height: 2000-9000mm
Acoustic Performance: up to STC 50

Key Features and Benefits

Hinged panel can be more quickly and easily operated
Incorporate the access door to the adjacent room
Sturdy aluminum frame construction for harsh environments
Ceiling mounted to fit most architectural designs
Lots of surface finishes

Sound Proof Room Dividers Sliding Sound Proof Room Dividers Partitions


The sound proof room dividers partitions can be used as a single unit, or in pairs, using a standard aluminum alloy track. As for noise reduction considerations, the pattern 100 partition system has an average noise reduction of 50 dB.


Sound proof room dividers can be used for unlimited width openings on straight or curved tracks. We can provide special posts for cross, ‘T’ and ‘L’ junctions. All installations are customized to match specific applications.


Similar to folding room divider door in soundproofing room divider, ceiling track type, wheel options.


The sound proof room divider system can be offered with an almost endless finishes, including veneer, laminates, walls papers and fabrics.