Hanging Room Divider – Frequently Asked Questions

Hanging Room Divider

Hanging Room Divider – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions raised by customers. If you have any questions about our ceiling hanging room dividers or services, please contact us.

Is hanging room divider easy to move?

Yes, the ceiling room dividers hanging panel is very easy to operate. This is the result of excellent ceiling track system design and quality installation. If you have problems with panel operations, it may be you are having trouble on track. Make sure to check the system after installation.

Is hanging room divider soundproof?

Yes, there is little sound “proof”. However, you will have to go to lab settings to experience the complete sound proofing. However, excellent sound control can be achieved through the right panel system. You often see that wall manufacturers usually only talk about the panels they provide, rather than how the bottom seal interacts with your floor or the top seal design. You can be sure that we will take into account the entire room environment to ensure that you get the desired sound control.

Where can I see one that is running?

If you come to Guangzhou, China and we will be proud to show you some real projects where hanging folding room dividers are being used for years.

What is your delivery time?

The delivery time depends on what hanging panels room dividers product you are interested in buying and the quantity. We have worked very hard to be under the industry average delivery time and have continued to offer a 3 week product time on most products.

Are you able to handling installation of hanging sliding room divider?

Usually we don’t offer installation service. With our installation guide, local installers should be able to do the job. If you insist, we have some partners in China and we can send one worker to your project site to help. All the fees involved and the double salary for the worker are at your cost.

Hanging Room Divider
What is the available color or finish option?

We offer standard melamine and fabric options for you to choose from. There are at least 30 colors for each. We can also make the modern hanging room divider with untreated MDF and you can paste with wall paper on site.

Where are the room divider hanging panels made?

Our main manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou China. You are welcomed to visit our factory.

How long does it take to install room divider hanging system?

As with many construction projects, it is difficult to answer this question without looking at some plans. Work with your local installers to understand the scope of work and on-site requirements. They should be happy to provide you with a definitive installation plan and the estimated installation time.

What kind of beam and support structure for room divider panels hanging panel is required?

The necessary overhead support structure depends on the hanging room divider system you choose, the length of the run, and the level of STC you want to achieve. Our representatives have been working with architects, construction owners and contractors on support issues for many years. Contact us now.