Room Divider on Wheels – FAQ

Room Divider on Wheels

Room Divider on Wheels – FAQ

Is the track system for #100 panel the same as the #80 system?

No. When you raise the panel height and increase the panel thickness and weight, you need to make sure that your track support increases with these decisions. Both track systems are excellent design and have been running well for many years. However, if your room divider on wheels is quite high, you should choose thicker track system.

What is the weight of the room divider on wheels?

The weight of the suspension depends on the system. It’s about 24kg/m2 for standard melamine faced MDF system of 65mm thick.

Can you tell me how to build a support structure to support room divider with wheels?

We suggest using angel iron for most projects. Contact us for details.

How do I get technical support?

Our technical support has many different ways. Go to the contact section of our website and send us your questions via email. We will respond as soon as possible.

How does the drop seal work?

We offer many different types of drop seals. First, when the two boards are grouped together, there will be an automatic seal. Next, the manual crank seal provides easy operation in the panel edge or panel face crank design.

Room Divider on Wheels FAQ
If the settlement occurs, can the panel be adjusted?

Yes, the room dividers on wheels panel can be adjusted. However, it is much better to identify and correct this problem earlier before it’s getting worse. Give your wall a check from time to time.

What is the difference between you and other manufacturers?

The best way to answer is talking with us about corner construction, internal panel construction, track systems and sealing mechanisms. Then you will understand the difference.

What kind of noise rating do you recommend?

Sound rating, like many other aspects of the hanging room divider selection, depends not only on the room configuration but also on how to use the room. If you don’t want people in the other side of the panel to hear the normal speech, 46 Rw/STC is required. Be sure to talk to your representative to make sure you select the correct sound rating for your project.

How do I know if I need normal room divider or a soundproof ceiling track wheeled room dividers?

This decision should be based on the sound rating you want to achieve, the number of times you plan to reconfigure, the budget requirements and the function of the room.

Why do you need an operational floor seal on the panel?

The operable seal reduces the wear of the room dividers on wheels and maintains sound control. In addition, they reduce the wear on the floor surface.