Custom Soundproof Room Divider


Thousands Finally Choose These Sound proof Room Dividers After Days of Searching and Comparing

Ceiling Mounted Soundproof Room Divider

Soundproof room divider starts simple. A quick, efficient, affordable and soundproof way to create new uses for existing space was needed in the conference rooms and restaurants. The room dividers soundproof products evolved from traditional free standing room divider with the improvement and widely use of aluminum framed products.

As one of the leading manufacturers of soundproof room dividers, our factory can customize soundproof room divider. The custom options includes sizes, thickness, soundproof rating, etc. Since we offer OEM/ODM service, you can also be a local acoustic room divider contractor and supplier.

Select the soundproof room divider product line listed below to learn about the specific features of your space department needs:

Different sliding soundproof room dividers distinguish themselves by thickness and finishes. Usually the thicker, the better acoustic performance. For the same thickness, we can also provide different infill materials for room divider soundproof partition to improve its sound insulation performance, such as higher density glass wool, adding mass loaded vinyl, coated steel plate, etc.

Whether a customer has a meeting center that needs to seperate several neighborhoods with soundproof room dividers partitions, a growing business that needs to increase office productivity without increasing real estate, or a primary school seeking to bring new potential to their learning environment. No matter what you need, we are the company that you can rely on to fill space with possibilities.

These soundproof room dividers have been widely used in restaurant, tea house, hotel, inspection hall, function room, station, club, art center, stadium, sports center, art museum, the court, convention center, conference center, golf club, etc.