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05Oct 2017
Decorative Room Dividers

Decorative Room Dividers The structure that dividing the space into two independent regions is called room divider. Decorative room dividers partitions are temporary or movable, or sometimes fixed walls, used to separate large rooms and classrooms and even living rooms. Acoustic Decorative Room Divider You want to avoid noise from the other side, it is […]

05Oct 2017
Conference Room Dividers

Conference Room Dividers Advantages of Conference Room Dividers: Easy operation by one man. They are effective and without floor track. Meeting room dividers are flexible and thus greatly help end users. They can be installed in any place, not just conference room. They are installed for flexibility of conference room space utility. They are used […]

06Aug 2015
Large Room Dividers

Large Room Dividers As one of China’s leading large room dividers manufacturing companies, we produce different types of acoustic large room dividers partitions for banquet rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, conference centers and other applications. All of our large room dividers meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and have the following typical characteristics. 1. Standard […]