Ceiling Track Room Divider

Ceiling Track Room Divider

Ceiling Track Room Divider With Overhead Track Ceiling Mount Room Divider

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Ceiling Track Room Divider

Whether you need noise control, energy savings or profitability for your existing building space, our ceiling track room divider is designed to meet your needs. Being in movable wall industry for years, our ceiling track room divider products have been installed in many projects both in China and abroad.

The application of ceiling track room dividers include hotels, coffee rooms, exhibition centers, exhibition centers, colleges, art halls, restaurants, auction centers, universities, karaoke rooms, offices, testing centers, bowling centers, airports, victualing houses, libraries, etc.

Advantages of Ceiling Track Room Divider:

Ceiling track room dividers are customizable.
They are flexible and thus greatly help end users.
Track ceiling mount room divider is installed to divide big room into small rooms.
They are heavy, but after installation even one man can fold or unfold.
They are used to create multiple rooms out of a single space.
Room divider ceiling track provides privacy in the way you expect.
No floor track gets in the way.
The sound proof room dividers can be installed in any place, not just offices.
Conference room dividers have visually appealing look.

Ceiling Track Room Divider
During these years, architects, interior designers and building owners have trusted us to provide greater functionality and sound control for office buildings, classrooms, hotels folding divider wall, hospitals, retail centers, entertainment venues and conferences and exhibition venues. Regardless of the application, our unique custom ceiling track room divider solution and consistent support have made us a reliable partner dedicated to the success of our customers.