Hanging Screen Room Divider

Hanging Screen Room Divider

Hanging Screen Room Divider Modern Hanging Panel Room Divider That Hang From The Ceiling

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Hanging Screen Room Divider

Hanging screen room divider is ideal for space that requires sound and physical barrier to provide maximum space flexibility. The term “hanging” is used because hanging screen room dividers panel is hanging on a ceiling track and can be horizontally moved along the track.

No floor track

Ceiling hung room dividers can be moved on the track in the upper part of the track. There is no floor track obstruction, no tripping risk, and no crevices to collect debris.

Majestic Landscape

Combing the beauty of various finishes and the function of aluminum frame, hanging panel room divider provides spatial separation and sound control for interior projects.

Innovation Combined with Creativity

Being used in many buildings around the world, our hanging screen partition room divider can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your space requirements. Choose from a single or paired panel or add an access door. We also offer a wide range of surfaces options to complement any decoration.

Infinity Span

For openings up to 9m, the width of modern hanging dividers is almost unlimited.

Hanging Screen Room Divider

Modern Haning Room Dividers Option

Access Door

We can provide an insertion door in the room dividers that hang from the ceiling. The access door hinges to the adjacent panels and is folded back during the separation process.

Single panel

Also known as individual panels or single panels are manually operated and offer the best room flexibility. Self-storing options, including pocket-door solutions are available. Hotel banquets, meeting rooms and convention centers often use single-panel system. In fact, hanging screen room dividers can be used for a variety of facilities.

Paired panels

These manually operated panels are hinged in pairs. The advantage of paired hanging screen room divider is faster setup and it’s widely used in the classroom, conference room and training center. They are stacked on the center line of the wall.