Noise Cancelling Room Dividers

Noise Cancelling Room Dividers

Noise Cancelling Room Dividers Noise Reducing Room Divider Sound Reduction

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Noise Cancelling Room Dividers

Noise cancelling room dividers are a new innovation product in space management and interior design, which deliver not only modern aesthetics of aluminum and wall panel, but also noise separation.

Modern design requires effectively and efficiently use of space in acoustics and aesthetics. Noise reducing room divider provides the ability to customize your space needs while providing privacy and control of sound. Once a single panel is pushed into place, the top and bottom seals can be activated to provide a constant and perfect seal to maximize acoustics.

A series of noise cancelling room dividers system

50 STC solid separator
Horizontal mullion
Access doors
Electric, automatic, removable
Contemporary design
Custom color and surface treatment

Noise Cancelling Room Dividers
Noise cancelling room dividers are available for single and paired panel systems and provide maximum flexibility for challenging or complex layout problems. The noise reduction room dividers have no obstructions because the newly designed noise cancelling room dividers can now be used to seal your opening, controlling the sound between spaces.

Detachable Noise Cancelling Room Divider

In a changing workspace environment, it is necessary to adjust the workspace design for a variety of reasons. Regardless of employee changes, office functions, or simply redesign, the maximum flexibility is always required in any workspace. The rolling room divider provides high degree of flexibility by providing a removable front office system that can be moved or configured in almost any configuration.

The noise cancelling room dividers not only provides unlimited flexibility, but also provides something no found with normal divider. That is noise control. The noise cancelling room dividers provides up to 50 STC acoustics rating. Noise reduction room divider can be seamlessly adapted to any space and the finishing options include: MDF, melamine faced MDF, fabric, wall paper, etc.

Need to move your office to a new location? No problem … Your investment in the noise reducing room dividers allow you to bring your customizable front office to your new location.