Rolling Room Dividers

Rolling Room Dividers

Rolling Room Dividers Rolling Wall Dividers Room Divider

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Rolling Room Dividers

The richness and beauty of rolling room dividers not only separate, but also adds elegance to your space. Our rolling room dividers consist of laminated wood board, sound absorption wool and aluminum for maximum durability. Wide range of finishes makes it easy to compliment and enhance the design of your interior space.

The Beautiful Combination of Wood and Aluminum

Rolling wall dividers are available in a variety of wood, hardware and finish options, combining aluminum’s strong and cost-effective as well as the warmth and beauty of wood.

Support System

The rolling room dividers require a ceiling track support system which is also the reason that makes the rolling room divider quick and easy to setup.


Our movable room dividers are designed to meet any interior space specifications and requirements. They can be installed in existing or new buildings.

Rolling Room Dividers

Insertion Door

Rolling room dividers can be supplied with an insertion door. These access doors are hinged to adjacent panels. As the panels are supported by adjacent panels, you must maintain four to three proportions.

Custom Panel

The real beauty of rolling room divider is the ability to customize the thickness, width, height, finishes. There are three basical thickness 65, 80, and 10mm, wide range of width and height, and more than 100 colors of finish in several categories.

Complete and Choice

Aesthetics is vital and we offer a wide range of completion options that will meet your design criteria for any project. Finished options include fabric, melamine, veneer, high pressure laminate, mural, and other custom surfaces. Melamine lamination is the most popular finish which offers oak, maple, cherry and many other wood grains.

Note: Prices may vary by selected species. Wood grain and color may differ from the display due to photography and display reason.