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Room Screen Divider

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Room Screen Divider

Room screen divider is a flush acoustic screen that can divide space and enable easy operation for customers. It is suspended from the ceiling track, no need for ground track support. Wall screen dividers are often used in restaurant, coffee room, hotel, exhibition centers, exhibition center, colleges, art hall, restaurants, auction center, universities, KTV, offices, testing center, bowling centers, airport, library, etc.

Double PVC seals are mounted around each room screen divider to provide the highest level of acoustic integrity. More importantly, this panel screen divider system can also achieve the desired acoustic integrity between flanking rooms.

These room screen dividers will be provided in a center-folded or end folded configuration to meet a variety of parking requirements. The screens room dividers panels can be hinged in pair, or just one by one. Access doors are also available upon request.

Room Screen Divider

Our Room Screen Divider Pattern 100

The room screen dividers are made of aluminum frame with double panels as surfaces and surfaces are available in a variety of finishes: painted, veneer or various standard or high pressure laminate.

The sound transmission class (STC) is a two-digit number that describes the performance of a single building element, such as room soundproof screen divider, that prevents sound transmission when passing through. The following diagram is a rough understanding of the privacy implications of various STC levels.

* STC privacy

• 60 Loud speech almost can not hear
• 55 Loud speech audible, but unintelligible
• 50 loud speech understood
• 45 normal voice is audible, but can not be understood
• 40 normal words can be heard and easy to understand