Soundproof Screen for High Ceiling

Soundproof Screen

Soundproof Screen Panel Screens Room Dividers And Screens Decorative Divider

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Soundproof Screen for High Ceiling

Continuing the tradition of innovative designing and developing, we have developed a pattern 125 ultra-high ceiling-supported soundproof screen specifically used to divide high ceiling large rooms into smaller ones. Also known as decorative divider screens and panel screens room dividers, sound proof screens are often used in restaurant, hotel, coffee room, exhibition center, exhibition center, college, art hall, hotel, auction center, university, KTV, sound proof screens for office, testing center, bowling center, airport, school, library, and so on.


Thickness: 125mm
Width: 680-1230mm
Height: 8000-17000mm
Acoustic Performance: up to STC 52
Finish: melamine, fabric, MDF, leather, etc.

Soundproof screen is suitable for new and existing structures, without the need for floor track. You can immediately customize each room to effectively use the space. With our soundproof dividers and screens, you can re-configure the rooms in the school, conference room, conference center and restaurant as needed.

Whether your space is simple or very high, our folding divider screen allows you to design operational separations and sound insulation where once was considered as impossible.

Soundproof Screen Panel Screens Room Dividers And Screens Decorative Divider

Soundproof Screen Feature

Easy to assemble on site
Customized height and width
Unique ceiling track sound absorbing screen system
May move to a similar space to accommodate changing needs
Apply to new and existing structures
Enable in line and side stacking
Unlimited design opportunities
Designed to match modern space

Pattern 125 soundproof screen is quite expensive. If the floor to ceiling distance of your project is not very high, we suggest using our other economic version of  soundproof folding room dividers.