Soundproof Dividers

Soundproof Dividers

Soundproof Dividers Sound Blocking Room Divider Sound Deadening Room Dividers

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Soundproof Dividers

Meeting rooms and offices today can benefit from flexible space management. Our soundproof dividers make it possible. With these portable soundproof room dividers, room sizes can be easily, flexibly and speedily modified, and thus adapted to different occupant group size. As a result, big rooms become versatile and the space is more efficient.

The sound blocking room divider represents the most advanced design flexibility in aesthetics, simplicity, space and sound management. The core of sound control room divider is a ceiling track system designed for sustainability and offers unparalleled spatial optimization without sacrificing sight or beauty.

Soundproof Dividers Features

Sound proof rating up to Rw 50 dB
High stability, light weight per unit area
Automated top and floor seal systems.
Easy to use and higher safety.
Built-in acoustic absorbing material optional

The application of these sound dampening room dividers including conference facilities, hall, training room, board room, office, hospital, laboratory, church, community facilities, and educational facilities – schools, universities, collages.

Soundproof Dividers Sound Blocking Room Divider Sound Deadening Room Dividers

Sound Insulation of Soundproof Dividers

40 dB – 30 kg / m²
50 dB – 40 kg / m²

Equipment and Accessories

Integrated internal acoustic core
Extension and retraction seal
Access single or double door


Sound deadening room dividers further adds to the aesthetic appeal with high quality surfaces. A variety of surface materials are available to create very amazing visual effects, such as melamine, fabric, leather, and high pressure laminates.