Folding Room Dividers Type 65

Folding Room Dividers

Folding Room Dividers Walls Commercial Folding Screens Room Dividers Screen

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Folding Room Dividers Type 65

We are a China company dedicated to customizing high quality soundproof commercial folding room dividers, which are widely used in conference rooms, restaurant, churches hall, elementary schools, nurseries, small businesses or household projects.

The pattern 65 folding room divider screen is made of aluminum frame, acoustic absorption material, and double side decorative surfaces and overhead tracking system. You can add extra accessories such as pass door, steel panel to increase the performance to meet the building code, enhance the appearance. We are happy to discuss your detailed requirements and provide suggestions for available options.

Folding Room Divider 65 Specification

Thickness: 65mm
Width: 680-1230mm
Height: 2000-4200mm
Acoustic Performance: up to STC 30

Folding Room Dividers Walls Commercial Folding Screens Room Dividers Screen
Folding screens room dividers are easy and quick to operate with minimal training. When you want to use them, just move them as needed across the entire opening to separate or open up the spaces in seconds. For better acoustic performance, please check pattern 100 sound proof room dividers.

Various finish options are available with different materials, surface treatment, noise reduction and layout options.

Melamine Finish Folding Room Dividers

Melamine finish folding wall room dividers are available with melamine faced particle board, which are wood grain and solid color in the standard range. When the partition is closed, the panel system is flat, showing a flat appearance.

Fabric Folding Room Divider Walls

Fabric finish a widely used style with fabric cover provides durability and ease of cleaning. Besides, the acoustic foam under fabric could help to reduce echo with the rooms. Fabric folding walls room dividers are accessible to existing buildings and new buildings. Often used in schools, nursery, village hall, church, office and many other places.