Commercial Room Dividers

Commercial Room Dividers – Designer Line

Commercial room dividers are widely used in commercial space such as restaurant, coffee room, hotel, inspection hall, exhibition center, station, art hall, auction center, stadium, KTV, art museum, testing center, convention center, airport, conference center, library, victualing house, etc. Each building has a personality. That’s why we can make sure the commercial wall dividers you choose can fit the desired character of your facility.

From our inception, customization has become a sign that we help our customers create the most suitable way to divide their space. We have been working with designers, contractor, and project owners for years. Customized commercial room dividers partitions have been installed around the world. With us, the only limitation is your imagination.

The Designer Line options for Commercial Room Divider

Acoustic core such as glass wool, melamine foam, etc.
Access doors for room dividers commercial is available.
Full or partial height custom window;
Special layouts include: sloping floors, segmented walls, curved layouts;
Decorative substrates such as architectural wall panels;
Customized design with wood;

Commercial Room Dividers
Custom fabric finishes such as fabrics, carpets and vinyl;
Plastic laminates, metal laminates, metal and decorative metal designs;
Custom mural finish for commercial room dividers.

Whether it’s a unique design for commercial room dividers or matching existing walls, we have the ability to ship the completed project directly from the factory or allow it to be customized at the site. Give us the challenge of your most complex building, let us help you will space management.

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