Decorative Room Dividers

Decorative Room Dividers

The structure that dividing the space into two independent regions is called room divider. Decorative room dividers partitions are temporary or movable, or sometimes fixed walls, used to separate large rooms and classrooms and even living rooms.

Acoustic Decorative Room Divider

You want to avoid noise from the other side, it is recommended that you use the soundproof material. Due to the acoustic materials, this type of panel is slightly heavier. This type of decorative partitions room divider is usually ceiling mounted sliding partition, but not really movable to another floor.

Soundproof decorative screens and room dividers are suitable for offices and hospitals, conference rooms and where you need to be more calm and quiet. In addition, they are also suitable for studio and theater where you want more peace and avoid external disturbances. Our decorative screens room dividers are be made of aluminum and wood. It’s movable along the ceiling track, but can’t be moved from one place to another. They are not only decorative room dividers, but also soundproof room dividers.

Decorative Room Dividers
If our soundproof decorative room divider panels are not what you need, here below are some other decorative room divider screens that we do not produce. It’s just for your reference.

Curtain Room Divider

It is recommended that you use this type of partition for temporary grouping and create backgrounds for photos and landscapes. It is simple and easy just to make a two wooden frame, four hooks and then you put the curtains. Curtain dividers are mainly used for houses and clinics. This divider is psychological, like a barrier, does not disturb the frequent movement.

Movable Room Divider

The movable partition wall may be a screen or a lightweight material such as plywood, hard board or plastic plate. This is because it is easy to handle and carry a place to other places.

Fixed Room Divider

If you need a permanent fixed partition, you can use wooden and glass types for configuration. Before you start, you need to plan. Once you have finished installing room dividers decorative partition, it is not advisable to change it because it requires some permanent bolts to be fixed on the floor.

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