Large Room Dividers

Large Room Dividers

As one of China’s leading large room dividers manufacturing companies, we produce different types of acoustic large room dividers partitions for banquet rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, conference centers and other applications.

All of our large room dividers meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and have the following typical characteristics.

1. Standard and durable.
2. Competitiveness price.
3. Various panel thicknesses and parking methods.
4. Rich aesthetic options, such as laminates, fabrics, veneer, particleboard, leather and so on.
6. Easy to install.
7. Short Delivery time.
8. Reputed use.

Large Room Dividers
We aims to achieve the traditional wooden “floor rail partition” and the cost of importing the gap between the brand. All our large room dividers are made in China and have 100% China material.

Large room divider has extruded aluminum profile as edge of natural anode finish (powder coating of aluminum trim in different colors is also available), 12mm MDF as base material backed with fiberglass for soundproof rating. The panels slide on an extruded aluminum track overhead with heavy duty wheels and nylon trolley.

Each individual panel has a scalable seal mechanism inside. When the panel is locked, the seal can be erected and locked on the floor and ceiling track, making it a fixed wall. The large room divider system is ceiling supported and does not require any floor rails. Large rooms dividers are produced by taking into account the strict quality requirements, so all raw materials are in line with ISO and other international standards.

The divider panel have different thicknesses (65, 80 and 100mm), different sound levels from 32db to 50db according to the project requirements. We can provide many types of finish for panels such as veneer, fabric, paint, etc. to suit your building environment and decoration.

Whether a new large room divider is needed to create more flexibility in the facility, or questions about the needs, design, operation and installation of the large room dividers system, we are ready to guide and assist in the selection of room dividers that are tailored to your specific needs.

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